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Use of Gorochana in Ganesha Worship

Gorochana, also known as cow stone or bezoar, is used in the worship of Ganesha. A tilak using Gorochana is applied by Ganesha devotees especially on Sankashti Chaturthi Vrat – the fourth day during the waning or dark phase of moon.

Gorochana is found in the stomach of cow. It is composed of loose aggregates of food items eaten buy cow over a period.

Gorochana is of yellow-orange color similar to the yolk of a boiled egg.

Benefits of Gorochana in Ganesha Worship

There if a belief that making Tilak out of Gorochana and applying it on the forehead will help in finding solution to problems in family.

In some regions, Tilak using Gorochana is applied on the main gate and main door. This is done on Sankashti Chaturthi falling on Wednesday. The belief is that doing this helps in keeping out fights and other problems in the family. It also helps in keeping out the negative forces.