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Uses of Swastik in Hindu Religion

The swastika symbol is widely used in Hindu religion. Here are some of the uses of swastik in Hindu religion. It is used for many purposes especially to avoid vastu dosha, and for solving financial problems.
  • Those people and family suffering from pitru dosh will get relief if they make swastika-using gobbar (cow dung) on the external walls of the house.
  • Making and wearing swastika on bhojpatra using the coal that remains after holi festival bonfire will keep out evil eye. It will also usher in prosperity.
  • Making upside down swastika using dried cow dung will help in having wishes fulfilled.
  • Making swastika on bed using index finger before sleeping will help in getting good sleep. Sleep will not be disturbed by bad dreams.
  • Making swastika on pyramid and keeping it on the south side of the house will help in removing all types of Vastu Dosh.

  • Before starting prayers or bhajan, making swastika under the seat using haldi or chandan will help in getting the prayers fulfilled quickly.
  • Make swastika in the puja room light five lamps and put five different types of grain on the swastika. This will help in desire fulfillment.
  • Keeping murti of the god or goddess being worshiped on top of the swastika will help in getting them pleased easily and quickly.
  • Draw swastika in the Ishan kone (northeast corner) of house or property using dried haldi for seven Thursdays. This will alleviate all forms of vastu dosha. The value of property and house will also increase.
  • Making swastika using roli, kumkum or sindhoor during festivals, puja and auspicious occasions is highly meritorious.
  • Swastika is drawn in front of house to welcome gods and goddesses.
  • Wearing small swastika in ring finger will help in defeating enemies.
  • Making swastika on Guru Pushya day or Ravi Pushya day will help in achieving peace.
  • Swastika made using haldi, sindhoor or roli during religious rituals is considered highly beneficial.
  • Making a 9 angula (15.867 cm) Swastika in breath and width will helping removing all forms of negative energy from the house. It is an ideal solution to avoid Vastu Dosha.
  • Making swastika using silver and keeping it in the north side will help in getting the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • For peace, prosperity and good health, make a swastika using five different metals and place it on or near the front door of the house.