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Lust is Widely Shared on Media but Not Love and Lovemaking

Lust in various different forms is shared widely on visual, print and social media but not love, empathy and kindness. Lust is openly sold in various forms by popular newspapers and magazines. But not healthy sex and pure lovemaking. Pictures of revealing women are printed daily in these newspapers. There are columns specifically dedicated to sex but in a covert manner.

The messages we receive and share on social media are filled with vulgar jokes and directly or indirectly having a sexual connotation. What we do not realize is that the kind of emotions these pictures and messages create on different individuals.

We need to accept the fact that we are a sexually frustrated society. Such messages and revealing pictures of men, women, boys, and girls are like adding fuel to fire.

The mainstream cinemas we watch are loaded with lust. Sex is displayed directly and indirectly in our movies. Some of the mainstream movie songs are soft porn. Displaying lips, thighs, navel and other body parts of women, when it has nothing to do with the story of the movie, has become common. Men removing their shirt and displaying 8 pack abs and 6 pack abs are quite common. All this send out the wrong message that sex is purely associated with the body and it has nothing to do with mind and soul.

The humor we enjoy on social media and print media are full of sexual innuendos. Sexually explicit remarks and jokes are the most popular on social media.

Appearing in public gracefully dressed is no longer normal. Today people dress to look attractive and this is most often done through revealing clothes. Several animals put on a show to attract a mate. They just do it during the mating season. But we have people deliberately exposing in public 365 days just to garner attention as if they are on a prolonged mating season.

Now if there is an open discussion on sexual health and wellbeing none of the above said people will be seen anywhere near. We are ashamed of discussing sex in the open. We are ashamed of solving our sexual fears and problems. We vehemently oppose sex education in schools. We cannot tolerate a man and woman sitting together and having coffee unless they have a license from society. All this when the most widely searched personality online is a former porn star. Her porn videos are in high demand. This proves that we are a sexually hypocritical society.

Ancient Hindu society openly discussed sex. It was seen as an important part of Grihastashrama (family life). Sex was never a taboo. Monogamy, polygyny, and polyandry were practiced in Hindu society. Young men and women roamed around together and they were given the freedom to choose their partners. This kind of life can still be seen among certain tribes in India.

Sex became a taboo for Hindus after the arrival of monolithic religions.

Today, sex is a problem because we have suppressed sex. Lust is employed for marketing all items from condom to salt. It is like sex sex everywhere but proper sex is not allowed. Lack of sexual freedom has resulted in sexual perversion.

The pure act of making love has been corrupted by society, education, and religion. Anything corrupted is bound to take an evil monstrous form. Rape, abuse of women and children, brutalization of sexual victims are all direct result of suppressing the natural urge. There is a total breakdown.

Our society has made it difficult to have partners. There is no love in this society. Everything is business. The rich and the well-to-do get to have the right kind of partners and sex. They have the personal space, health and time. But a large majority of the society is denied sex as they are not well-to-do. Many do not even have the private space to engage in lovemaking. They do not even have proper health and time. We find couples spending long hours on a bench in public parks. They are denied a safe place for lovemaking.

Only a mentally and sexually healthy society can be free of rape, child abuse and all perversion and brutality associated with sex.

Visual, print and social media need to promote healthy sex. And not the kind of lust that is thrust on the majority of people. Media should stop seeing the body of men and women as a sexual object. Instead of promoting blind lust, they should concentrate more on the art of lovemaking and sexual freedom.

Stop spreading the wrong information that sex is the most wonderful and pleasurable thing in life. Stop objectifying body.

Stop hiding sex. Bring it out into the open and let boys and girls know what it is so that they are prepared to face it in life.

We suppressed the natural sexual urge of generations. This needs to end. Let the coming generation stop fearing and hiding sex. Let them know that sex is natural and healthy. Teach them that there are gays, lesbians, transgender, and bisexuals in the society and this is quite natural.

Like ancient Hindu society, bring back sex into our daily life and teach about it in schools and colleges.

This is the only way we can make sure that our children do not fall prey to sexual predators. This is the only way we can make sure that we do not create sexual predators. Know that all sexual predators were once an innocent child. We turned a blind eye when they were being corrupted. We need to end it.