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Kill Loneliness by Making Friends – At Any Age

The right and the ideal way to kill loneliness is by making friends. Age is not a criterion here you can make friends at any age. It is challenging to embark on a friendship quest as an adult. The very idea is terrifying for many adults. However, finding friends as an adult is exciting and rewarding. Not gadget can replace the special connections you have with another human being.

It is harder to make friends as an adult because we do not have the innocence of childhood. As a child, you had no egos, you were ready to forgive and accept. But as an adult, you have so many barriers to cross before you can accept someone as a friend. Adults never ask, “Do you want to be my friend?” But we had asked this question several times as a child.

Those people who have a good friendship as an adult lead a healthy and happy life. The life expectancy of such people is more when compared to a person suffering from loneliness.

The reason why we fail to make friends is that we are expecting too much from a friend. Do not have high expectations. Be more realistic. And do not make friends for benefits. Make friends not business partners. Make friends, not helpers.

The best way to find a friend as an adult is to be engaged in something you really love or volunteering for something, you care about. Join classes and groups to find people having similar thoughts and ideas. Find something you are passionate about and search for people in your area that share the same passion.

Fear is a great barrier we need to overcome if we wish to make friendship as an adult. We are all stressed the moment we want to try out something new. We need to overcome this fear with positivity and go out and find friends who share our interests.

We settle into a comfort zone and we are no longer ready to speak to strangers. We fear people and this has resulted in us not even knowing our next-door neighbors. Come out of the cocoon and speak to more people.

We all are comfortable making friends online easily. We hide our identities and make friendships. But the very same people find it hard to make friends in real. False ego, fear, and pride are the reasons behind it. Some of us also lack the self-confidence to go out and greet and meet people. We need to like ourselves before we can make a healthy relationship. Find out your strengths and work on it. When you are comfortable with yourself, you will find meeting people and making friends easy.

The first meeting should always be in a public place. This is advantageous in many ways. There will be fewer fears and there is a level playing field.

Be a good listener. Make the other person confident by asking comfortable questions. Once they start answering, be a patient listener.

Do not sit and wait, it is not going to happen. You need to make an attempt. You need to let others know that you exist.