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We have forgotten to touch and hug family because our fingers are busy on the smartphone

We are constantly measuring our life based on likes and shares on social media. We want maximum shares and likes. Some even go to the extent of buying likes and shares. A person who truly knows his/her value and strength will not bother about applause. A weak person who has self-doubt is always anxious about what other people will think and is constantly concerned and bothered by the reaction of others.

Anxiety and depression associated with missing out are on the rise. Many among us waste our precious time and energy on the smartphone. We cannot keep the smartphone away for more than a minute. This mental health condition needs immediate treatment.  If not treated it might cause serious damage to the person and others.

There is no limit to our wishes but we will not be able to do everything that we wish.  We always live in the fear of not being able to fulfill our wishes. Instead of having too many wishes we need to learn to focus on a few and get them fulfilled.

Media, advertisements, social media and those around us inject a kind of fear, which makes us depressed. This fear is spread by the question “What about things that you will miss out in life?

The fear of missing some of the good things in life pushes us into a world of selfishness, rat race and deceit. We completely surrender our soul to make our wishes fulfilled. But quite often these wishes are not ours. It is forced upon us by multinational companies, society, friends, relatives and family members. No one is bothered about what you really wish for.

We begin with one type of material engagement and suddenly our focus is shifted to another, then to another. We are always tuned into what others have achieved and what I am missing. This constant fear of missing out distances us from our own world. Our relationships suffer and we unknowingly distance true friends.

The main problem here is an outward-looking mind, which has forgotten the real self. Instead of searching in the real world, we waste time and energy chasing the unreal. We discuss and focus on things that have no real value. Majority of us even do not know what we were discussing in the morning. We are bombarded with too many distractions. And these distractions have a very short life. If in the morning it was about a new relationship, in the noon it is about the latest fashion trend, in the evening it is gossip, in the night it is about ‘X’ cheating on ‘Y’, late night it is bitching and sharing your jealousy…

Focus on the real and know that our true identity cannot change. This ever-changeable world and the designations the world gives us are not our real identity. We need to focus beyond the body and the mind. Along with loving and giving time to people on the smartphone, we need to give time to our family members whom we have forgotten to touch and hug daily because our fingers are busy on the smartphone. We need to give more hugs and praises to those who cook for us daily. We need to lift our heads and say thank you to those people who make our lives easy and comfortable.

Count the number of times we touch our smartphone and the number of times we touch our loved ones. If there is a balance then we are safe. But if there is an imbalance, then it is time to get it corrected.