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Ida Nadi

Ida Nadi is one among the 72,000 nadis (nerves) in the human body.

As per Hatha Yoga Pradipika (IV. 18), prana (vital air) flows through this nadi.

There are three important nerves.

  • Susumna Nadi
  • Ida Nadi
  • Pingala Nadi
Susumna Nadi is located inside the spine and extends from the lower part of the back to the head.

Ida Nadi is located outside the spine on the left side and goes into the left nostril.

Pingala Nadi is located outside the spine on the right side and goes into the right nostril.

A normal person breathes only through Ida and Pingala.

Rare yogis open the clogged passage of Susumna Nadi and breathe through it.

Ida is also known as Chandra Nadi as breathing through it has a peaceful effect on the mind.

Breathing through ida helps in reducing the body heat.


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