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Kamadhenu Pooja Procedure – Vidhanam - How to Perform Worship of Cow?

Kamadhenu Pooja is dedicated to the Holy Cow Kamadhenu, she is the mother of all cows on earth. She is equated with mother earth as she nourishes and feeds all living beigns on earth. Here is a simple procedure to perform worship of cow. Vidhi or Vidhanam is the term used to describe how to perform or procedure.

Kamdhenu is also known as Surabhi and Nandini. The word ‘Kam’ in the name indicates she has the power to fulfill all the wishes of her devotees.

All gods and goddesses in Hindu pantheon reside in the body of Kamdhenu.

Kamadhenu Pooja Mantra

Om Sarvadevamaye devi lokanam shubandini
Matru Mama Bhishitam Safalam Kuru Nandini

 सर्वदेवमये देवि लोकानां शुभनन्दिनि।

मातृ-ममा-भिषितं सफलं कुरु नन्दिनि॥

How to Perform Kamadhenu Puja?

  • The puja should be performed in the afternoon facing north.
  • Lamp should be lit using ghee mixed with haldi (turmeric).
  • Fragrant dhoop should be used.
  • Tilak should be drawn using kesar.
  • Marigold or ghenda flower should be used.
  • Food on the day should be made using Besan.
  • The mantra given above should be chanted 108 times using a chandan mala.
  • Cow should be given good food including fresh grass, jaggery and banana.
Special offerings
Offer urad dal ki kachori (food made using black gram) to a black cow for sin redemption.
For desire fulfillment, feed fresh green grains and green grass to cow.
Offer jaggery to a black cow to get relief from various problems in life.