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Expressing Honest Thoughts and Feelings – To Have a Successful Relationship

Effective communication is the bedrock of a successful relationship. Know that you are in a healthy and progressive relationship when you can express thoughts and feelings honestly without any fear.

You need to learn to use your communication skills to diffuse any tense situation. Choice of words and the honesty in them matters most.

If you have fear of backlash, rejection, hostility, criticism or mocking, then your communication will not be effective. These negativities also might make you introvert and silent in a relationship.

Your partner might have a better idea or better solution but might not share it due to fear.

Freedom of communication, freedom to express likes and dislikes, freedom to talk without fear … are utmost necessary if you wish to have a healthy relationship.

You are comfortable in a relationship when you are able to express yourself without guilt and fear. Your ideas and fantasies take wings. Your deepest truths are made known.

When there is prejudice, ego, judgments, insecurity, false pride, unjust criticism and fear present in a relationship, one partner will never open up. Only a progressive and open environment free of social, family, ancestral and religious fears can open lines of effective communication. Intimacy, love, respect and caring will happen only in a supportive environment.

Effective communication begins with careful and effective listening. Concerns, worries, dreams, thoughts, ideas should be listened carefully and fully without any interruptions. Ideas should flow without any break. Your partner should be allowed to talk whatever is in his/her mind. You can then sit and discuss the pros and cons.

Never mock or use what your partner has said earlier or done to settle a new discussion. We have this bad habit of digging up past words and deeds to attack a person who might be having the upper hand in a discussion.

Be mature in discussion, be sympathetic and but know when to warn about the dangers of your partners decisions and ideas, and always encourage the partner to reveal his/her feelings without being judgmental.

When someone shows the courage to tell truth, instead of reprimanding them, listen to them with gentleness and compassion. You can correct them but always remember to appreciate the courage the person shoed to tell the truth.

Communication should not be for one-upmanship. It should be for sharing the innermost feelings. It should be not for becoming opponents. It should be for encouragement, support and acceptance.