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Story of Mudgal Rishi and Sage Durvasa – Meaning of the Hindu concept of Aditi Devo Bhava

The story of Mudgal Rishi and Sage Durvasa symbolically explains the Hindu concept of Aditi Devo Bhava. Mudgal Rishi resided in the Kurukshetra region and he was renowned as a Sage who followed Dharma. He had the senses in his control. He never showed any kind of irritation, displeasure or anger.

Mudgal Rishi, after his prayers, used to go to rice fields and collect the fallen grains. He used to do charity, shradh, pujas, rituals etc with the collected grains. After doing his religious duties, he used to feed his family with the remaining grains.

Another amazing thing about the Rishi was that he only took that much fallen grain that was needed for him in a day. Therefore, birds and other animals were happy to share the grain with him.

Fame of Mudgal Rishi spread far and wide, Sage Durvasa who happened to know about the piety and Dharma of Mudgal Rishi decided to test him.

One day Mudgal Rishi, finished his pujas and was getting ready to feed his family. Suddenly Sage Durvasa appeared on the door and demanded food.

Mudgal Rishi invited Sage Durvasa, washed his feet, performed puja and other rituals.

He was then given a portion of food. Sage Durvasa demanded more food; Sage Mudgal without showing any displeasure gave more food to the Sage. Soon the entire food in the ashrama was consumed by Durvasa.

Sage Durvasa soon left the ashram.

As there was no food for his family, Mudgal Rishi went to the fields to collect fallen grains.

He returned with some grains and prepared it to feed his family.

Sage Durvasa appeared again on the door and demanded food.

Mudgal Rishi happily invited the Sage and gave him food. This time too Durvasa Rishi finished the entire food in the home and left.

This continued for a couple of days. Each time Mudgal Rishi served Sage Durvasa food happily. Sage Mudgal showed no anger or displeasure.

In the end, Sage Durvasa realized that Mudgal Rishi had control over his senses and followed the Dharma of Aditi Devo Bhava in true spirit.

Sage Durvasa then told Mudgal Rishi that there is no one like him in the world who follows Dharma in its true spirit. The sage told Mudgal that he was a living example of a person who had control over the senses, who had overcome displeasure and fear. That he practiced truth, charity, and empathy.

Sage Durvasa then blessed Mudga Rishi to be taken to heaven in his present form.

When the Devas appeared with chariot to take him to heaven, he declined saying that he did not want to stay in heaven where there is fear, fights, lust and constant threat of demons.

Mudgal Rishi stayed in his ashram performing his dharma and finally merged in the Supreme Truth.