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Haripatha of Jnanadeva

Haripath is a collection of 28 abhangas extolling Lord Vishnu (Hari) by Jnanadeva, the great Marathi saint-poet of 13th Century. Abhangas are the term used to define a collection of devotional poems in Marathi. It is mostly dedicated to Lord Vitthal of Pandharpur.

Haripatha of Jnanadeva describes the importance of chanting the name of Srihari. This type of composition, written and introduced first time in the Marathi language represents the core of the Varkari movement, together with all essential teachings and principles. All the important saints of warkari movement that followed Sant Jnaneshwar wrote their works on the line of Haripatha.

As per the text, uttering the name of Srihari is the way to salvation or moksha.

Yajnas, rituals, pujas, pilgrimages are secondary to chanting the name of the lord.

Name of the lord is like door in a temple, it can open the gateways of Vaikunta.

Haripatha of Jnanadeva is an important text associated with the warkari sect of Pandharpur Vittal.
The 28 abhangas in it are systematically arranged and composed. It is rich in ideas. The language used is simple and easy but highly effective.

The verses are short and sweet and evoke devotion and piety. The spirit of the warkari movement is seen in each verse.

Haripatha describes the greatness of Lord Vitthal, his various forms and his various names. The harmonious relationship between the Lord and the devotees are sketched beautifully in the text.