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Be completely alive and do not be frightened when it is time to leave

Many of us are frightened when it is time to leave the world. This is because we were never completely alive. Be alive, be zestful and be enthusiastic when you are alive. Do all those things that you like to do without harming another living being. Have no regrets.

Work hard, enjoy life, and find happiness in doing things that you enjoy most. Never leave things for another day. Procrastination causes the biggest regrets when it is time to exit.

Nourish yourself and those around you. Grow and provide enough for others around to grow. Never hoard and never be selfish.

Know that when you give, you are leaving yourself on earth. Spread happiness, knowledge and wealth. Even after you leave the earth, it will keep your memories alive.

Know that the form and body of yours is a temporary one. You had been through many forms before and many will be there in future.

You are the whole nature. You do not have an independent existence. The whole cannot be destroyed and therefore you too cannot be destroyed. You just simply transform from one form to another.

The body nourishes the next generation. This cycle continues.

When you are in the body follow Dharma and make full use of it to understand your true nature. Do not get trapped in the world of Maya (illusion). Self realization should be your aim.

So exit this world joyfully and enter into the next without any fear and regrets. There is no permanent exit. We all have to return back in one form or another.