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Why We Need to Stop Fault Finding?

Stop finding fault in others. When we constantly find fault in others, we can never have a normal and healthy relationship. People will start keeping us at a distance. We will soon find ourselves lonely and lacking a good friend. Why We Need to Stop Fault Finding? Simply because it is a negative quality.

It is impossible to find a person who fits into our definition of good. We have to learn to ignore many things. Be the change that we want to see in others. Do not force other people to change.

Stop criticizing others. We criticize other people’s choice of dress, friends, movies, likes, dislikes etc. This is forcing our likes and dislikes on another person. We are trying to dominate. An important aspect of a good relationship is freedom and acceptance. Accept the likes and dislikes of the other person. Accept and respect the other person for all of who they are.

Instead of gossiping indulge in some constructive activity. We waste a lot of energy and time on gossiping. Quite often, it boomerangs on us. What do we get from gossiping, nothing but a momentary pleasure in showing someone down. Today we gossip about someone. Tomorrow others will gossip about us. This is a vicious cycle. Get out of it and spend that time and energy in doing something that is beneficial to others and us.

Stay away from gossipmongers and fault finders. We have this habit of encouraging gossipmongers and fault finders as long as we are not the victim. This is not a good habit. This creates enemies. Even though we might have not directly hurt another person but by encouraging a gossipmonger, we are equally guilty. The person who was hurt waits for an opportunity to hit back. We see this in workplaces, offices and among friends. We never know when we will need the help of a particular person. So avoid gossips, which hurt other people.

Try to see the good qualities in others. Faultfinding is never going to have a happy and successful conclusion. Instead of focusing on faults, encourage and appreciate the goodness in other people. This will make them happy. This also has a great advantage, tomorrow when you give a constructive criticism the person will accept it.

When we constantly search for lapses and shortcomings in others, we pollute our mind. We all have enough shares of problems in life. Why create more problems. Ignore lapses and shortcomings in others. Use that time to solve our serious problems.