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Walking out from the unnatural surroundings and embracing the whole

Meditation is a natural process. We humans have only added various postures. Knowingly or unknowingly, each human being meditates. May be the length and effectiveness varies for each person.

Meditation is awareness of the wholeness. It is the realization that I am not a separate organism but part of the only organism.

When you approach meditation as an exotic exercise with magical properties and cure, you are getting lost in a fake world of meditation created by yoga practitioners.

Yoga practitioners and spiritual masters who claim they are adept in meditation fail to sell their meditation products and techniques to people who are close to nature. They find market in those places where people are far removed from their natural surroundings.

To a person living in natural surroundings there is no need to sit in meditation. The person is constantly in touch with the whole. He does not need to uncover his true Self. His mind and body is always connected with the spirit.

Meditation is an exercise for those who have left their natural environment and have taken refuge in concrete jungles. Yoga practitioners and spiritual masters teach them to imagine they are connecting with the true self. But the moment you enter into the busy road in the concrete jungle, this imagination bubble bursts. This is the reason why many people question the effectiveness of meditation.

In pristine nature, there is no good and bad. There is no duality or separation. There is only a state of wholeness. However, in the manmade world there is good and bad. There are only opposites. There are boundaries. There is power. There is limitation. There is competition. There are values, which keeps changing. There is total chaos and madness.

So now, what is true meditation for a man caught in the concrete maze? Simply returning to the source. Walking out from the unnatural surroundings and embrace the whole.

Walking out does not mean going to the forest. It is not abandoning your responsibilities. It is just realizing our true self.

No one can live in an exotic world of meditation filled with lotus flowers and music. There is no such world. You have to take care of your body. You have to take care of your hunger and thirst. You have to face the dangers. You have to grow naturally by embracing the whole not just sticking to what you like. We cannot eliminate the powerful natural forces. It is true they can injure or kill us but we have to learn to live with them. We have created a world for our comfort and likes by ignoring wholeness. And the innumerable problems human beings face today is the result of this ignorance.

Grow like a tree, follow the true light, spread your branches, learn and accept, give and share, and when it is time to depart, do it with grace and elegance. Know that it is not the end, but a mere transformation.