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Why is it hard for us to forgive?

Forgiveness is to do more with ourselves than others. The entire process begins and ends with us. Letting go is not at all easy for the majority of us. So why is it hard for us to forgive?

We live in a world in which values are mere concepts. No one follows them. Forgiveness, compassion, empathy etc are good in films and serials for weak characters. They are not good in real life. This is what we get to see around us.

We have made all good qualities like forgiveness etc as showpieces. They are good for heroes, religious leaders, and saints. Majority of them are from the ancient world and they are archaic for us. And we like to keep these heroes as wallpapers. We buy books about them, never read it and keep it in showcases for others to see.

Core values like tolerance and forgiveness have been maligned by politicians and film personalities, who use them lavishly in their speeches but never implement them in their life. Majority of us are followers of such politicians and film stars.

We hold on to feelings, one could easily laugh off a majority of them. The slightest provocation is enough to create a riot. We destroy relationships forever over petty things.

Majority of films and serials are based revenge theme. There is no forgiveness in them. Even if a character practices tolerance, empathy etc that person is depicted as a weakling. From a very young age, we are psychologically trained not to forgive. Forgiveness is for the weak. The powerful one always takes revenge.

We have been so much psychologically affected by the mainstream media that we now imagine we have been wronged and we take joy in seeking revenge. We do such role-plays in real life. A part of us needs such violent incidents to survive. We need such problems to gossip and talk with friends, relatives, family members, and neighbors.

Minor comments are turned into national and international problems. We have become judgmental. It has come to such a state that one cannot comment on any matters. We never know which words of ours will be used to create a riot.

Stay away from all forms of negativity. Including serials and films that promote negative emotions. Do not celebrate such negativity on media. Learn to see through them.

We need to realize that only the strong can forgive.

Forgiveness puts an end to a problem. Peace is achieved. On the other hand, revenge is a never-ending cycle. You take revenge, then someone else takes revenge one you…it goes on forever. Families are destroyed.

Through forgiveness, we are positively changing our present and future.


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