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Story of King Dashrath Stopping Shani

There is a popular story in Tamil folklore, which narrate about King Dashrath, father of Bhagavan Sri Ram in Ramayana, stopping Shani from causing problems to living beings on earth. Once, King Dashrath learned from Sage Vasishta that Shani was about to move from Karthigai Star (Krittika or Karthika birth star) to Rohini birth star.

This transition was to cause devastation and havoc on earth. There will be famine, earthquakes, flood and numerous other life-threatening problems.

King Dashrath immediately boarded his chariot and arrived at Rohini Nakshatra. As he had fought for Devas (the demigods), King Dashrath had the boon to fly around the universe.

He saw Shani approaching Rohini Nakshatra in his chariot driven by a crow.

 King Dashrath forcibly stopped Shani from proceeding towards Rohini.

The king was protected by the power of Dharma and therefore the looks of Shani (Shani Drishti) had no effect on him.

King Dashrath requested Shani to not to harm the people on earth.

Impressed with the courage, valor and kingly duty of Dashrath, Shani agreed to not to harm the living beings on earth.

To avoid the bad effects of his movement, Shani asked King Dashrath to take holy dip in the temple tank at Thirunaraiyur, Kumbhakonam, Tamil Nadu. There is a famous Shani Temple here (inside Shiva Temple known as Ramanathaswamy Temple). It later came to be known as Shani Parihara Sthalam. Bhagavan Sri Ram and Hanuman is believed to have prayed here.

It is believed that King Dashrath composed a Shani Stotram as a thanksgiving to Sani Bhagavan and it came to be known as Dashratha Shani Stotram.

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