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Kanhopatra – Information on Kanhopatra – Woman Saint of Maharashtra

Kanhopatra was one of the women saints of Maharashtra devotion to Vitthal Panduranga of Pandharpur. As per reliable information, she was born in 1468 AD at Mangalavedhya. Her mother was a beautiful dancer and Kanhopatra was too a beautiful girl.

The news about the beauty of Kanhopatra reached the years of the Sultan of Bidar who wanted her to be part of his harem.

When the Sultan’s desire was told to her, she made it known that she desisted such a life and wished to live serving Vithoba of Pandharpur.

Kanhopatra one day joined the warkaris (pilgrims) going to Pandharpur. She was so immersed in the devotion of the Vitthal that the news of her saintliness spread across the region.

Sultan of Bidar was not impressed by her newfound piety and virtue. He ordered his soldiers to forcibly capture her and to bring her to his court.

Kanhopatra who came to know about the order of the Sultan, went to the sanctum sanctorum of the Vithoba Temple in Pandarpur.

She then composed this abhanga (prayer) laying prostate at the feet of Vithoba
“O Lord of the fallen,
Why do you torment your devotees?
They are but you in different form.”
It is said that she attained moksha there and then itself.

Her body was buried near the southern gate of the temple and a tree came up in that place.

Today one can find an image of Kanhopatra beneath the tree.

Abhanga’s of Kanhopatra are sung by devotees all around the world.