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10 Small Process or Totke in Hindu Religion to Improve Career – Job – Promotion – Salary Increase

Totke are simple methods employed by Hindus to find solution to problems in life and career. Here are 10 totkes to improve career, get job, get promotion and for salary increase. These totkes help in alleviating various problems created by the Navgrahas – nine planets – in the horoscope or janam kundali of a person.

  1. Daily walk in the morning to a nearby temple without wearing any kind of footwear.
  2. Take til ka tel (sesame oil) in an iron vessel, see your reflection in it and then donate it to a Shani Temple on Saturday.
  3. Take water in a copper vessel and offer it to surya in the morning on Sunday. Chant the gayatri mantra.
  4. Donate milk to poor children on Monday. 
  5. Wear silver bracelet on right hand or silver ring on a finger on Tuesday.
  6. Offer white flowers to Goddess Saraswati on all Wednesdays.
  7. Offer yellow color fruits to Vishnu on Thursday. Donate yellow color things to poor people or feed yellow color bananas to cow.
  8. Help an elderly woman in any possible way on Friday.
  9. Wear Gomed stone (hessonite) to keep Rahu away from life.
  10. Offer prayers to Kal Bhairav on Ashtami tithi to keep away Ketu from life. Keep a green color cloth in your purse.
Totke or small process are not based on Hindu scriptures.
They are part of oral tradition and followed for thousands of years.
They have been effective that is why it is still used and discussed.