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We All Are Arjunas - Helpless After Ignoring Our Responsibilities

When we hear any disturbing news, our mind goes through intense outrage, frustration, despair, sadness, anger and helplessness. We then raise fundamental questions about religion, society and culture. We accuse some political party or organization or religion. We discuss it with friends, on social media and in a few days, we conveniently forget about the incident.

In reality, we are not bothered about what is happening. We are just being part of the crowd. If there is something, which everybody discusses, we just want to be part of it. We just do not want to be left behind.

Again, we are only interested in those untoward incidents that have maximum publicity. We only react to those news which are constantly in the front page or discussed repeatedly on the TV and social media. Thousands of similar incidents goes unnoticed daily because they did not get the required TRP rating.

When news comes to the front page and people start discussing it, we have film personalities and other public figures joining in and creating hue and cry. They do it for publicity and to remain in limelight. Fans and followers of these personalities unleash war on the social media forgetting the real incident. Within a day, they forget about the incident and they can be seen tweeting about something silly.

There is no logical end to any of our outburst. We are not genuinely bothered. If we were empathetic, we would have taken our protest to a logical conclusion.

Each and every one of us are like the grandsires in the Hastinapura court. Sitting and watching Draupadi getting disrobed. We simply sit and show our outrage, frustration, despair, sadness, anger and helplessness. We share on social media and point accusing finger on someone.

In reality we contribute to the turmoil, to the rape, to the child abuse… because those behind such evil actions very well know that there is no collective and powerful authority to punish or put an end to them.

We just shout, discuss and forget. We are not bothered about anything. We are happy in our little cocoon.

Intensions, thoughts, feelings, words and behavior of the majority of the citizens living in a region will reflect on the society.

We are a society that is divided in the name of caste, creed, religion, financial status, language, color, politics, state, north, east, west, south and what not.

We are an unhealthy society filled with stress, negativity, hatred, anger, aggression, resentment and fear. This is because we do not know how to cooperate. We are ready to show sympathy by putting a rupee coin. But we do not know how to show empathy because showing empathy means responsibility.

We have become a pathetic society, which takes pictures of accident victims and share it on social media to garner likes and popularity. In a crowd of thousand people, we hardly find a single person coming forward to help an accident victim. The sad state is that even that one single pious soul is stopped by mobile camera wielding onlookers.

Our society is gripped in selfishness. We are constantly bombarded with negativity by mainstream media. They make money by selling negativity. And we readily swallow whatever they sell.

It is time for us to take responsibility of our lives. Stop living on negative news and comments.

Start leading a positive life by show empathy to people who are suffering around us.

Instead of tweeting, commenting, sharing and liking about incidents hundreds of kilometers away, help the needy who is living near your house. Change what is happening in your house, neighborhood, and at workplace.

Help those who are suffering nearby. Never allow Adharma to flourish. Do not turn your head and walk away. Protest and make sure that the protest ends in a solution. Be the change that you are looking for.

We all are Arjunas sitting down after throwing away our responsibilities. It is time to wake up and push out all negativities from our society and life.

We have this wrong notion that our responsibilities are limited to our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our family. This is a wrong notion. Our wellbeing and that of our family is directly connected to the wellbeing of society and environment.

Therefore, it is our duty to make sure that we live in a positive, healthy and happy society and environment.