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Story of Shani Afflicting Hanuman for a Day

Shani can never trouble Hanuman and His true devotees who follow Dharma. But there is a story in Hinduism in which Shani afflicts Hanuman for a day. Shani causes distress to Hanuman for a whole day.

One day Shani visited Hanuman and both were engaged in spiritual discussion. Shani told Hanuman that he causes trouble to a person on earth based on the sins the person has committed. A person suffers because of the sins committed in this birth or previous births.

Hanuman then wanted to know whether he has committed any sin for which Shani will punish him.

Shani told Hanuman that it is time for him to enter the Rashi of Hanuman.

Hanuman wondered what sin he had committed.

Shani then told him that he had stalled the yajna of Meghnad during the Ram-Ravan battle in the Ramayan. Obstructing religious functions is a sin and he had committed this sin.

Hanuman then agreed to allow Shani to enter his Rashi for a day.

Next day morning Hanuman woke up and offered his prayers to Bhagavan Sri Ram.

He then lifted up a huge mountain and waited for Shani Bhagavan. Hanuman wanted to put the mountain on top of Shani when he arrived.

Time passed by but there was no sign of Shani.

It was afternoon and Shani did not appear. Hanuman still stood holding the mountain.

It was evening and Hanuman decided to put the mountain down.

As soon as Hanuman put the mountain down, Shani appeared before him.

Hanuman told Shani that he was waiting for him the whole day.

Shani told Hanuman that he had come in the morning and now it is time for him to go back.

But Hanuman told Shani that he did not see him in the morning. And asked what had happened to him entering his Rashi.

Shani then smiled told Hanuman that it is because of his presence that Hanuman stood the entire day holding the mountain. Hanuman struggled under the weight of the mountain the whole day because of him.

This was the punishment for obstructing the yajna of Meghanad.

As Hanuman always chanted the name of Bhagavan Sri Ram, he did not suffer much.

So saying Shani left the rashi of Hanuman.