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Perfection Simply Does Not Exist

What is perfect for you is not perfect for another person. Your definition of perfection is not universal. The definition of perfection varies from people to people. Perfection simply does not exist it is an illusion.

This is the reason why avatars of gods and goddesses in Hinduism are not perfect beings. They have their imperfections. These imperfections pave the way for universal truth.

Bhagavad Gita clearly tells that a person has to follow dharma. Bhagavad Gita does not ask Arjuna to be perfect. He is asked to do his duty. Upholding dharma is his duty not to be perfect.

The mad craze for perfection in modern world leads to a permanent feeling of incompleteness. We are always made to feel that we are inadequate.

The modern day perfection is directly associated with materialism. It is more related to more and more buying and throwing away old things. It is purely market driven. There are people who change their entire furniture every year. People change their smartphone every three months. This is just waste of money, energy, and it results in environmental problems.

Just to keep out imperfection, we throw away chipped plates, cups and flower vases.

Majority of time our mad love for perfection has to do more with ‘what other people will think.’ We are happy with a particular old and faded dress but just because what other people will think, we change it to look perfect. 

We need to slow down and take comfort in the simple and beautiful things in life with all their imperfections.

The perfect things that we see on various screens are all nothing but fake – a big lie. They have gone through hours of photoshop under the watchful eyes of a highly talented artist. We are unaware of the ‘x’ number of pictures the artist might have deleted before getting the perfect picture. When we attempt to become Mr or Ms. Perfect we are forgetting that human beings are yet to create anything new in this world. We have only modified existing things. And anything that human beings have modified in nature has had a very bad effect.

What is perfect is a dead thing actually. It has no life. We will get bored soon with it. There is no creativity. There is no scope for improvement. There is nothing more we can do with it. It is a finished product. This is the reason why some of the most beautiful things in the world have a very limited shelf life.

There are no perfect jobs, perfect marriages, perfect friends…we have to work around the imperfections to finding meaning in life.

When you are after perfection, you are nurturing ego. This ego will soon overtake your personality. It will mess up your internal beauty and innocence. You will find real and genuine friends and relatives deserting you. You will find more and more in the company of fake people.

There is no need to have any special skills to accept imperfection in life. It is perfectly natural to get wet on a rainy day. It is natural to mess up the dress while eating the fruit or food you like. It is ok if your child crumbled your dress while playing with you before an important appointment.