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Dreaming Of Timber Logs – Meaning

Dreaming of timber logs is a negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means something you had grown or nurtured with be lost. It also means other people not valuing things that you consider to be important and essential. Dreams of timber logs floating in water means there will be no focus in life. It also means rejection or failure resulting in you showing a lackluster attitude towards life.

Dream of timber logs and you are seen in the dream or doing something with timber logs means you will get into something without realizing the difficulty or damage involved. It also means blinded by selfishness or profit you will do something bad.

Dreaming of timber logs and you are not seen in your dream means someone in your family or workplace doing something silly in your absence.

Dreams of timber logs and you wake up scared or angry means destruction of trees in your region. It also means fights with people who do not care for nature. It also means your ideas and values clashing with neighbors or family members.