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Dreaming Of Rotten Meat – Meaning

Dreaming of rotten meat is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will have to face a bad situation in life especially because you did not do the right thing at the appropriate time. It also means forgetfulness resulting in unwanted work and embarrassment. Dreams of rotten meat and it is your house or in your refrigerator means food related problems. It also means bad purchase or forced to leave home suddenly when the fridge is filled with perishable items.

Dream of rotten meat and you are seen angry or sad means someone will deliberately try to harm you using bad meat products. Enemies might throw foul smelling things into your home.

Dreaming of rotten meat and you are seen arguing means you will be cheated and you will realize it only later.

Dreams of rotten meat and you see worms etc. means you will witness something weird. It also means having to deal with unexpected things.

Dream of rotten meat and you are happy means sudden reversal in life will make you think negatively.