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Thiruvathira Nakshatra Phalam 2024 Predictions Based On Malayalam Nakshatram Kerala Astrology

Thiruvathira Nakshatra 2024 predictions based on Malayalam nakshatram or birth star Kerala astrology. As per Thiruvathira Nakshatra phalam, people born in this nakshatra will face stomach related health issues in 2024. Luck in lottery. Good months are January, April, August and November 2024. February, July, September and December 2024 are bad months. March, May, June and October 2024 will be both good and bad. You should avoid taking loan or helping people in financial matters. Opportunity to visit religious places. You will be able to fulfill a desire of parents. You will be blamed for something you had not done. You should not quit job to start new business. You will lose valuables or important documents during journey.

You will be forced to work doubly hard to achieve success in all career matters. You will forget important things as there will too much workload. You will get help from people in different levels this year. Some of you will opt for a new to stay together with spouse or partner. Avoiding entrusting your work with others as you might face difficulties. You will be appointed in a particular department which is dedicated to planning. New job based on your higher studies. Business people will appoint a new team to overcome current difficulties. It is not a good year to quit job and start new business or other ventures. A very good year for scientists and researchers. You will be called back for an old job.

Some of you will make gains from farming and other related fields. You will make gains in lottery, games and other competitions. Money given as loan might not be returned on time. Avoid standing as surety in property or money dealings. You will face problems due to bad investments like chit fund etc. You will move into a rented apartment. There will be delay in loans. New house and buying new vehicle will be postponed. An old financial issue will return to cause problems. It is best to get insurance in all important fields to avoid serious financial damage.

You might become a victim of contagious disease or food poisoning. You will feel constant tiredness this year. You should avoid interfering in the personal matters of other people. You will face kapha or bone related health problems. You will turn spiritual and this will change the perception of life. Those couple wishing to have children will hear positive news.

Marriage asper desire will be decided in this year. Those having problems in marriage will take professional or legal help. Those looking to remarry will not be happy with the responses.

There will be opportunity to go on vacation, excursion or pilgrimage. You will travel to participate in an important ceremony. Old parents will get opportunity to stay with children.

Students will be highly active this year. You will realize the foolishness of following some old methods. You will challenge some existing rules and regulations. There will be success in exams and interviews.