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Dreaming Of Roro – Meaning

Dreaming of roro is considered a good omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream is associated with desire fulfillment related to travel. It also means you get opportunity to visit a distant exotic place and the transportation medium will be ships. Dreams of Ro-Ro (roll on – roll off) ferries and you are seen reading or studying means moving to a new place for new research or studies. It also means traveling with your vehicle on ferries.

If you dream of roro and you are unhappy means trouble for someone dear to you in foreign country. It also means you will face problems during travel. It also means you will be tensed or worried about someone traveling on roro due to some bad developments.

Dreaming of roro and you are seen with other people means group activity. It also means you will get scholarship or a free travel plan.

Please note that a dream to have meaning it should happen without any influence of day activity. Dreaming after discussing or reading or watching about roro during daytime does not have any meaning. Such dreams are mere extension of your day activity.