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Vishnu Mangala Temple At Kudlu – Kasaragod – Associated With Sri Madhvacharya – Miracle Pond

Vishnu Mangala temple is located at Kudlu in Kasaragod district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu. As per history, Sri Madhvacharya performed Chaturmasya Vrat in the temple and a debate between him and Trivikrama Panditacharya took place here for nearly 8 days. Sri Madhvacharya was able win the debate and prove the superiority of Dvaita philosophy and Trivikrama Panditacharya became his grihasta shishya (or student with a family life).

The main deity worshipped at Vishnu Mangala temple is Mangala Swaroopi Mahavishnu.

The temple has a chathura sreekovil or square sanctum sanctorum. There is a namaskara mandapam and chuttambalam.

It is believed that Sri Madhvacharya performed Chaturmasya Vrata two times here.

Miracle Chakra Pond

There is a small pond to the south of the temple called Chakra Theertha or Madhwa Theertha. It's about 25 ft deep. In the base of the pond (at correct center), there is a small kunda 4 X 4 ft (yajna homa kunda). Water keeps rotating inside that kunda you can observe it if you know deep diving. The water of the pond is believed to have medicinal properties.

Kudlu Vishnu Mangala Temple Timings

Morning Darshan timings are from 7:00 PM to 12:30 PM
Evening Darshan timings are from 6 PM to 7:30 PM