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Two Finger Combination In Hindu Pujas And Rituals

While chanting certain mantras the two finger combination is of great importance in Hindu pujas and rituals.

Even in manasa puja (mental or conceptual worship), the different patterns of two-finger formations are used along with the bijas of each element to conceive these offerings in the same order.

The lam bija (the union of the thumb with the little finger) represents the earth element offering;

The ham bija (the union of thumb and the index finger) indicates the akasha element offering;

The yam bija (the union of the index finger with the thumb) represents the offering of the vayu (air) element;

The ram bija (the union of middle finger and the thumb) indicates the offering of the tejas (fire) element;

The vam bija (the union of thumb and the finger in between the small and the middle finger) indicates the offering of the self as enjoyable food; and lastly,

the sam bija (the offering of betel leaves with its beter nut, chunam (lime paste) and Khadira (acacia) indicates the offering of all the elements to the supreme reality.