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Dreaming Of Labour – Meaning

Dreaming of labour is both good and bad omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream is an indicator that in near future you will have work hard physically to achieve success. It also means sudden developments pushing you to do hard labour. Dreams of labor also means you can expect success and desire fulfillment if you are ready work hard with determination.

Dreaming of you doing labour means you will soon see good results for your past hard work. You can also expect honor and rewards. If the place in the dream is known to you means you should not miss out of any kind of opportunity in near future.

Dream of someone else doing labor means you will lose the opportunity to succeed. It can a job or something you wanted will go to someone else due to your laziness and negligence.

Dreaming of accidents during labor means over exertion or you will have health problems by trying something new really hard.

Dreams of doing labour in a totally unknow place with strange people means getting into trouble and legal problems. It also means you getting trapped in some place.

Dream of doing labour with partner or friends and you are happy means there will be new relationship and happiness. It also meaning participating in activities for the good of society.

You doing labour and you are unhappy means you can expect some kind of difficulties in life soon or you will be forced to do things you hate.