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Pitru Paksh Shradh and Pinda Daan at Gaya Vishnupad Temple

One of the holiest places considered for performing Pinda Daan and Pitru Paksh Shradh – the annual rites and rituals for dead ancestors, parents and relatives – is the Vishnupad Temple at Gaya dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The popular belief is that Lord Ram and Mata Sita performed Pitr Paksha Shraddh and Pinda Daan for King Dasharath at Vishnu Pad Temple on the banks of Falgu River.

Falgu River is one of the tributaries of Ganga River and the Vishnu Pad Temple which has the foot-prints of Lord Vishnu attracts nearly half-a-million devotees during the Pitru Paksh Shradh in Ashwin month (September – October).

Legend has it that Vishnupad Temple was endowed with the power to cleanse devotees of their earthly sins by Lord Vishnu. Therefore it is believed that funeral ceremonies and Shradh rites performed here will help the dead ancestors achieve moksha.

The Pitru Paksha rituals at Gaya Vishnupad Temple are held on the banks of Falgu River.