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Dreaming Of Lady In White – Meaning

Dreaming of lady in white is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means a past action of yours will come back to haunt you. It also means regret and repentance. Dreams of lady in white during pregnancy means you need to be careful about your health and actions. Dream of lady in white strangling you means return of a person who had created problems in your life earlier.

Dreaming of lady in white and you don’t see yourself in the dream means you have forgotten about a promise that you had given to a dead person. You need to fulfill the promise or it will result in damage to life.

Dreams of lady in white asking for food or water or lady in white eating food means your current lifestyle and disinterestedness towards your ancestors and their interests are disturbing the dead in your family.

Dream of lady in white and you see yourself in the dream means the path you have taken now is not a good one and you need to rethink about your current actions. It also means you will be approached to perform exorcism or do things related to supernatural for monetary or personal gains. 

Dream of lady in white walking around you or moving about angrily suggests mental weakness and negativity in life. You need to declutter your mind and get surrounded by positive people.

Lady in white dream during pregnancy is also a sign that you are allowing negative elements near you and this is disturbing your baby. You should avoid bad people especially company of those who speak ill of others, those who smoke and drink and talk about supernatural elements etc.

Please note that dream of lady in white after seeing movies or talking or reading about them during day time does not have any meaning. For the dream to have a meaning it should happen without any day time influence.