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Hindu Beliefs About Cats

 In Hinduism, cats do not hold any specific religious significance, and there are no particular beliefs or rituals associated with them in the way that some animals like cows, elephants, and snakes have specific roles and symbolism in Hindu culture and religion. However, like in many other cultures, cats are common domestic animals in India and are often regarded as pets.

As per Vastu, some consider it have no major influence. Some people believe that going and coming of cat brings negative energy.

Those who believe in superstition believe that black cats bring bad luck, especially if one crosses one’s path.

Hinduism is a diverse and complex religion with a wide range of beliefs and practices, and it encompasses a variety of cultural and regional traditions. Some individuals may have personal beliefs or superstitions related to cats, but these are not part of mainstream Hindu doctrine.

It's important to remember that Hinduism is not a monolithic religion, and beliefs and practices can vary widely among individuals and communities within the Hindu faith. While cats may not have a central role in Hindu religious beliefs, they may be appreciated and respected as companions and pets by many Hindus.