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Dreaming Of Robbing Someone – Meaning

Dreaming of robbing someone is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will face a series of bad events in near future. You will not be thinking properly and this will result in you committing serious mistakes or blunders or crime. Dreams of robbing someone also means you will face financial difficulties. It also means you will be forced to do something illegal to come out of a tricky situation. The dream also means getting addicted to something.

Dream of robbing someone and you know the person means fights or physical attacks. It also means cheating someone or taking revenge.

Dreaming of robbing someone and it is an unknown person means you will be forced to do unimaginable things to fulfill a selfish desire.

Dreams of robbing someone and you wake up scared or terrified means bad friendship. It also means someone forcing you to do bad things. It also means getting trapped or tricked by a group.

Dream of robbing someone and you are happy means suicidal thoughts. It also means failure or rejection will put you in a path of destruction.