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Abhanga – Devotional Song – Teachings

The charm of the divine face is extraordinary. It is smeared with musk powder. Bhagavan Vitthala is standing on a brick. He has put on the vaijayanti (necklace made of five gems set together) garland and has applied sandal paste. There is a musk-mark on the forehead. Chokha says – He is the life of my life. On seeing him, I forget mind and body.” (Sant Cokhamela)

Surrender yourself to Him completely, who has reduced the worldly bonds to naught. Bhagavan Vitthala is like mother, father, companion and a solace to us. Keep your mind on His feet. He is the Reality. He is the lamp of knowledge. He is like my father. He is delight incarnate. Nama says – Even the breeze of His company easily leads on to the other end of the worldly ocean (Sant Namdev)

O, the Bhagavan of Pandhari (Pandharpur), how can there be worry about birth and death to those who have surrendered themselves to your sacred name which is vivifying like nectar! When such a discus-bearer (Vishnu) is with you, how can there be fear? O, Bhagavan, your divine figure is lodged in my heart. How can worldly thoughts enter here? Tuka says – when your name protects us, even the vicious Kali Yuga (present age) remains subdued at our feet. (Sant Tukaram)

The Simhastha festival has come, which has gladdened the priests and the barbers. There are evils and evils only in their hearts, but subsequently, they are particular in getting the heads shaved. But tell me frankly, has any radical change taken place? Where is the proof of the sins being washed away? The vices, verily, are there as before. Tukarama says without sincere devotion, everything else is only a wasteful fatigue. (Sant Tukaram).