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Hansadev Maharaj – Life Story Of Hansdev Avadhut

Hansadev Maharaj (1837 – 1960) was commonly known as Kailaspati Hansadev Maharaj or Hansdev Avadhut. He was an avadhuta in the real sense of the term. He lived for about 123 years and breathed his last at his Kaila-Pahad Ashram near Baidyanath Dham, Jharkhand, India. He was born in a pious Hindu family in Punjab, left the house at the young age of thirteen, practice serve austerity and became an avadhut. He was a saint of realization, full of profound knowledge, a great lover of humanity at large, an inspirer of religious activities and a guru par excellence.

Shri Paramhans Hansdevji Avadhoot possessed deep insight into the human heart and took active interest in the spiritual progress of innumerable people who came in contact with him. His activity of lokasamgraha was at its zenith when he was walking on this earth, and it is functioning even now on the line he set for his worthy disciples and followers.

Very early in life he became and avadhuta and gave up almost all the luxuries and necessities of life, wandering in various parts of India with only a danda (staff) in his hand and a kaupina (loin cloth) on his body. Later in his life, he wore silken garments and ornaments. Yet his mental state was always like that of an avadhuta and, for him, both states held no difference.

Hansdev Avadhut, with a group of his disciples, went around the whole of India at least three times and delivered profound religious discourses.

He established several ashrams

Hans Niwas Ashram, Juna Borbata Bet, Ankleshwar

Siddhkutira Ashram, Vasna Road, Surat

Kailas – Pahad Ashram, Jasidi, Junction, District Devadhara, (Vaidyanatha), Jharkhand.

Hans-Vihara, Payakara Dem, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu.

He also stayed in Ahmedabad for some time. In Gujarat, there are thousands of his followers even today. Hari-hara was the word always pronounced by him on all occasions, good or bad. He has inspired thousands of disciples, especially in Kumbh Mela and at various places in India.