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Hutasana Yoga Tithi in Hindu Astrology For Traveling

In Hindu astrology, Hutasana Yoga is employed for analyzing and finding the auspicious dates for traveling on land, the direction in which the journey has to be made, and others. All the tithis are divided into three categories called – dagdha, visha, and hutasana tithis.

If on Monday, the tithi is Sasthi, Tuesday Saptami, Wednesday Ashtami, Thursday Navami, Friday Dashami, Saturday Ekadashi and on Sunday Dwadashi then such combinations of the day and tithi form the Hutashana Yoga which is an auspicious yoga.

Any work undertaken, under the Hutasana Yoga is expected to be auspicious.

While reckoning the Hutasana Yoga, no importance is given to the paksha (fortnight). In other words, these dates could be of the bright fortnight or the dark fortnight.

According to this classification, when Saptami tithi falls on Tuesday, it forms the Hutasana Yoga, but if it should be panchami on Tuesday, where it would come under Visha (negative) tithi and hence become inauspicious.

This entire classification is based on finding the compatibility between the tithi God and the day (Sunday, Monday and so on) Lord. It may be noted that tithis also have their rulers. For example, Agni rules Pratipada, Brahma Dwitiya and so on.