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Chowara Sri Krishna Temple – History – Festival – Unique Deity

Chowara Sri Krishna temple is located at Chowara (on the banks of Periyar River) in Sreemoolanagaram near Aluva in Ernakulam district, Kerala. The main murti worshiped in the temple is Sri Krishna. The belief is that the deity blesses couples with healthy children (sankalpam is of Santana Aishwarya Pradanan).

The Upa devata worshipped in the temple is Ganapathi.

The 8-day annual festival concludes on Rohini nakshatra in Makaram month with Arattu.

As per history, the original temple was built by Kulasekhara Perumal. This old shrine is known as Moola Kshetram. The current temple was built by Chowara kovilakam for peace, prosperity and Santhana bhagyam (to beget children).

Another legend has it that Parashuram had given advice to Tantris in the place where the current temple is located.

Ashtami Rohini in Chinga Masam is an important festival in the temple.