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Mangala Gauri Vrat in North India in Sawan month – How to Observe Shravan Mangala Gauri Vrat?

Mangala Gauri Vrat in North India in Sawan month is dedicated to Goddess Mangala Gauri (Maa Parvati), Shiva and Hanuman. The fasting and pujas are performed on Tuesday (Mangalwar) in Shravan month. Here is a brief description on how to observe the Shravan Mangala Gauri Vrat as per tradition followed in North India.

Note - If you wish to follow the South Indian way of puja then you can read it here - Mangala Gauri Puja South India

Benefits – Manglik and those looking to get married will be blessed with early marriage. Newlywed women and married women perform it for peace and prosperity in their homes. The basic idea of performing the vrat is to get a good life partner (husband or wife). Married people perform it for a long happy married life.

Main Rituals – Fasting (only a single meal on the day), pujas and listening to Mangala Gauri Vrat Katha.

How to Observe Shravan Mangala Gauri Vrat?

  • Wake up early. Clean the house. Take bath.
  • Wear clean clothes – preferably red color.
  • Place the picture of Goddess Parvati, Shiva and Hanuman on a piece of white cloth.
  • Light lamp using ghee.
  • Offer your prayers.
Chant this mantra
कुंकुमागुरुलिप्तांगा सर्वाभरणभूषिताम्।
नीलकण्ठप्रियां गौरीं वन्देहं मंगलाह्वयाम्।।

When performing the important puja of the day either morning or evening, do the following rituals:
  • Offer readily available puja materials like water, deep, dhoop, sindhoor, kapoor, betel nut, betel leaves, flowers, fruits etc.
  • Offering beauty products to Goddess like bangle, kumkum etc is considered meritorious.
  • Offer five types of dry fruits (काजू, पिस्ता, किशमिश, मखाने, बादाम) (This is optional)
  • Seven types of grains (चना, मूंग, गेहूं, उड़दजौ, मसूर और चावल ). (This is optional)
Listen to Mangala Gauri Vrat Katha.

Chant the following mantra

ह्रं कामदाय वर्प्रियाय नमः शिवाय। (16 times)

ह्रीं मंगले गौरि विवाहबाधां नाशय स्वाहा। (16 times)

क्रौं बीजात्मा नयनयोः पातु मां वानरेश्वरः हं हनुमते नमः  (16 times)
  • Offer jaggery (as Prasad or bhog)
  • While offering bhog one should keep the eyes closed.
  • The bhog should be later given to cow.