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Alangad Thiruvalloor Mahadeva Temple – Story - History - Information

Thiruvalloor Mahadeva temple is located at Alangad in Ernakulam district, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Shiva. Goddess Parvati is worshipped in a ferocious form in the temple. The specialty of the temple is that Shiva is worshipped with his third eye open – Agni Pratistha. 

There is no abhishekam or dhara in the temple as the pratishta in the temple is Agnithwa Shiva Lingam. The dhara vazhipadu of Thiruvalloor temple is performed at Iravipuram Shiva temple.

The temple was one among the 108 Shiva temples in Kerala. The temple has a circular sanctum sanctorum - vatta sreekovil. Ganapathi prathishta in the temple is adjacent to the sreekovil on the southside. The darshanam of Ganapathi is towards north.

The 8-day annual festival in the temple concludes on Vishu day after Vishukani. The Koodeyirikkam takes place after Vishukani.

A temple pond is located on the east side of the sreekovil or sanctum sanctorum. The pond water is believed to cool down the effect of Agni emanating from the third eye of Shiva. The pond is in line with the sreekovil.

Legend has it that Sooryakalady Bhattathiripad, a famous tantric, was cursed by a Yakshi and Gandharva that he would die on the 14th day if did not have the evening puja and darshanam (deeparadhana) on the day in Thiruvallur Mahadeva temple.

Sooryakalady Bhattathiripad made all arrangements to have darshanam during deeparadhana on the 14th day evening at Thiruvallur Mahadeva temple.

But on the 13th day there a voice was heard from the Thiruvallur Mahadeva temple sreekovil. The voice asked the pujari to close the temple the next day after uccha puja at 10 AM and then not to open the shrine for the day.

When Sooryakalady Bhattathiripad arrived at the temple for puja, the sanctum was closed. He tried all means to open the temple but could not. In pain, he is said to have jumped and bitten the wooden roof of the temple. The teeth marks and his footsteps are still seen in the temple.

Another legend of the temple is associated with Ramayana. It is said that tail of Jatayu fell here when he attempted to stop Ravana from carrying Sita away to Lanka.

As per history, the temple belonged to 28 Illams in Uliyannoor Gramam. The temple was destroyed by a lightning. The temple was renovated by Sree Moolam Thirunal Maharaja.

Keezhanikavu is located next to Thiruvalloor Mahadeva Temple. The shrine is dedicated to Vishnu Bhagavan. Goddess Bhagavati and Naga (serpents) are worshipped here. The temple is noted for a Rudraksha tree on its premises.

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