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Economic Thoughts Of Bhagavan Sri Rama In Treta Yuga

Bhagavan Sri Rama was the ideal ruler of Treta Yuga, in whose kingdom, there was excellent growth and unparalleled economic thoughts.

Bharata, who ruled the kingdom of Ayodhya during the exile period of Sri Rama, made the sandals of Rama his symbol, and enhanced the reserved of the exchequer more than ten times. This indicates his commitment to careful public financial management, wherein the subjects were happy and were paying taxes, willingly, due to the successful, encouraging, prospective economic welfare achieved by the ruler.

Bhagavan Sri Ramachandra used to hear the problems of his subjects, and personally came forward to redress their grievances as he used to feel that public grievances as he used to feel that public grievances were his own.

Rama rajya (the reign of Rama) is known for success, peace, welfare, and willing participation of the subjects in all activities of the state. It was an example for everyone to follow, and even to this day Rama rajya is acclaimed as the best.

Development of agriculture, industry, transport, communications, defense, and other activities numbering sixty four were all flourishing with contentment and satisfaction, indicating meaningful and successful economic welfare.