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Story Of Shankhachuda Kidnapping Gopis Of Vrindavan

Shankhachuda was a lieutenant of Kubera, the treasure of gods. Once he happened to pass through the skies of Vrindavan. There he saw Bhagavan Krishna and Balarama surrounded by gopis. The gopis were singing ecstasy and Krishna playing his flute. Shankhachuda thought of kidnapping the gopis as they are better singing in his palace than before these two cowherd boys.

Blinded by arrogance, power, lust and ignorance, Shankhachuda swept down on the gopis and forcibly carried them away with great speed.

Sri Krishna and Balarama gave him a hot chase. Shankhachuda soon realized the cowherds are not any normal human beings. Seeing the two approaching him as the incarnations of death, Shankhachuda abandoned the gopis and fled for his life.

Balarama stood guard for the Gopis, Sri Krishna pursued Shankhachuda wherever he tried to hide himself and soon caught hold of him. Krishna then beheaded the lieutenant Kubera and took away the precious crest jewel on his crown and came back to join the Gopis and Balarama. Krishna gave the jewel as a present to Balarama.