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Kottukal Guha Temple Near Anchal

Kottukkal Guha Temple, also known as Kaltrikkovil, is located at Kottukkal, near Anchal, Kollam district, Kerala. Kottukal cave temple is near to Manipuzha in Ittiva village. Shivratri is an important festival here.

Kottukal Guha temple was built between 6th and 8th centuries CE. The cave is carved inside standalone rock in the middle of a field. There are two garbha grihas or sanctum sanctorum in the cave. Both the sanctums have a Shivling each. The shivling and peedam is carved on the same rock.

The darshanam of Kottukal cave temple is towards east.

Ganpati is carved on a protruding rock in the middle of the two sanctums. Hanuman carrying a soolam or lance and Nandikesha, the bull of Shiva, are also found in the cave.