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Meena Om Quotes And Teachings

Teachings and Quotes of Meena Om – Spiritual mentor and founder of Pranam, a movement to establish Nature's law of truth, love and light by the spiritual realization of Universal Consciousness

Tranquility is an inner peaceful, content and consistent state of mind. It is not loneliness. It is liberation from all emotional and physical bondage.

Most of us cannot relate to ourselves, or to our own truth inside. We do not realize that there is joy in everything, rising as well as falling, as it is all meant for our growth. It is a joy to watch ourselves grow. The more we resist whatever is happening to us in our life, the more it is disquieting. The moment we realize and accept it as a part of the Universal design for our growth, we become comfortable with it. This is when miracles happen. Our passage becomes smooth.

Simply by practising and preaching that we are one or we should be one, problems do not get solved. There is a direct relationship between perfection and imperfection. Greater the imperfection, greater the perfection required to eradicate it. We have to acquire a power greater than the power of falsehood. This can happen only when one reaches that level of consciousness where Truth exists without any shadows and it becomes a luminous self.

True spirituality advises to let thoughts surface irrespective of being negative or positive. One should just witness them. The awareness of the truth of their existence assists in letting them go, or pass on.

Be truthful. Know where you are comfortable. Whatever you take up, there should be continuity in it; there should be no undercurrent; and no excuse.

There is only one truth -- that is Death. But until that happens live each moment to the fullest. You have it all to do justice to this moment.

Nature wants us to collaborate and cooperate. To cooperate means to work on ourselves by going inside and opening up to receive and let the forces of truth, love and light work within us to manifest divine qualities.