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Sant Durbal Nath – Life History

Sant Durbal Nath was the propagator of Vedantic philosophy in Rajasthan. He was born in 1861 CE at Bichgaon in Alwar district of Rajasthan. He belonged to the khatika caste. Here is a look at the life history of Sant Durbal Nath.

According to Sant Durba Nath sect, he was born after his parents (Fattu Ramji and this wife Roopa Devi) had been praying for a long time for a son. The child was named Kalyan, and he was quite different from other children. While going to the forest to graze the cows, he would sit in a yogic posture and meditate on Bhagavan. He also liked to be in the company of Sant Brahm Nath, who held satsanga (company) every day till late in the night. As he grew older, his interest is spirituality also increased. His parents were worried to note his indifference to worldly affairs. So, in spite of his opposition to marriage, he was forced to become a householder.

Miracles Of Sant Durbal Nath

Once he was asked to work in the field along with other laborers, and while working, he hurt his foot with a hoe; but instead of blood, it is said that a stream of milk flowed from the wound. The news spread quickly throughout the village.

Several miracles are attributed to his great personality, such as making a stone float in water, restoring the dead to life, and providing a vision of Bhagavan Sri Krishna to all his devotees.

Kalyan performed his role as a householder even while pursuing his spiritual aims.

After some years of married life, Kalyan decided to become an ascetic. He received diksha (initiation) from one Mahatma Garib Nathji and changed his name to Durbal Nath. He was a living model of humility.

He used to meditate in the solitude of a thick forest along with his favorite pupils, Radha Bai and Sheetal Nathji. He propagated the Vedantic philosophy in many cities of northern India, especially in Delhi, Meerut, Ambala, Jaipur, Alwar and Bandikui. He wrote Anubhav Atam Prakasha, a poem based on Vedanta.

He gave up his mortal body in 1929 at Bandikui.