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Chowalloor Shiva Temple – Information - Festival - Pattum Thaliyum Charthal

Chowalloor Shiva temple, Chowalloor Mahadeva Kshetram, is located at Chowalloor in Chowalloor in Kandanassery village, Thrissur district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Shiva and Shivling worshipped in the temple is swayambhu. Darshanam of Chowalloor Shiva is towards west.

The temple has a circular sanctum sanctorum – vatta sreekovil. The sreekovil is two-tiered. The top roof is covered in copper. The shrine of Goddess Parvati is located on the eastern side of the sreekovil and the darshanam of goddess is towards east. The murti of Goddess Parvati is carved in jackfruit tree (varikka plavu).

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Ganapati, Hanuman, Ayyappa, Navagrahas, Sapta Matrikas and Simhodaran. The main Balikalu is about 10 feet tall. A Subrahmanya Swamy temple is located on the northeast side. The deity faces east.

The 12-day long annual festival in the temple concludes on Thiruvathira nakshatra day in Dhanu month.

Main offerings during the 12 days long Thiruvathira Mahotsavam (Festival) are Pattum Thaliyum charthal, Veda japam, Mangalya Pooja and such offerings may be booked in advance. 

Yet another main festival observed in the temple is Mahashivratri. The temple belonged to 28 illams. The temple is now maintained by a committee elected by local people.

The Thaipooyam festival in Makaram month is of great significance in the temple.

On all first Mondays of the Malayalam months (Muppattu Thinkal) Aghanda Namajapam (chanting of ‘Namasivaya from morning 6 to evening 6) by several devotees together will be performed inside the Nalambalam (on the right side of the main entrance inside the Nalambalam and, every day after the Deeparadhana (arathi) chanting of Vishnu Sahasra Namam is also performed at East Chuttambalam in front of the sanctum sanctorum of Sree Parvathy.

Every year, on the day of consecration (Pooyam star in the month of Kumbham ie between February 15 to March 15) Udayasthamana Pooja (12 hours long Poojas) is performed in the temple. On the very same day, varieties of Nivedyams are distributed to all devotees in the village.

Pattum thaliyum charthal is performed during the annual festival in the temple in Dhanu Masam. The offering starts on the first by after a colourful procession by 10:00 AM in the morning and the same will be continued till 8.30 pm on the last day (12thday) after a procession with hundreds of pattum thaliyum accompanied by a bhajan of Sreeparvathy especially for those who could not participate in this offering and festival. The offering is done for early and for a happy married life.