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Karinkali Devi – Goddess Worshipped In Kerala Temples – Story

Karinkali Devi is a Goddess worshipped in many Kerala temples. She is an important Upa Devata or subsidiary deity in Goddess Bhagavathi or Shiva temples. She is more closely associated with Shakti and Shiva (Shaiva) worship.

Karinkali is believed to have appeared from the third eye of Shiva with the sole aim of annihilating demons that were spreading Adharma on earth. Some people believe she is a manifestation of Goddess Bhadrakali. But as per scholars she is fiercer than Bhadrakali. She is black in color perhaps symbolically indicating her power to take back all the creation in the universe.

Karinkali Theyyam is an important theyyam in temples in north Kerala.

Rituals and prayers dedicated to her are offered on Fridays.

The important offering to Karinkali is Kadu Payasam (half boiled – not fully cooked sweet made from rice and jaggery). Another ritual and offering is Karim Guruthi.