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Teachers Should Not Spoon Feed

Swami Sri Atmananda Saraswati Thoughts - Teachers Should Not Spoon Feed

With due respect to all teachers, some keep spoon feeding their students with even small and simple things of life. They keep taking decisions for their students, thus not only stunting their growth, but also bringing about dependence on their teachers for even small things in life. Such teachers may help solve some problems, but the basic dependence always remains. This is not an ideal condition.

Even though all gurus will have to help their students in their fields just like our parents and other well wishers do in helping solve their problems, but the responsibility of a teacher does not end here. Ultimately their students should become mature and enlightened enough to not only take their decisions themselves but also attain heights attained by their teachers themselves. For this one has to go one day into the very 'Knowledge of Truth'.

When this understanding dawns in a person that all our problems are only because of ignorance of Self then alone a true seeker is born.