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Ganesha Gita Teachings

Ganesha Gita is the conversation between Ganesha and Varenya in the Uttara khanda of the Ganesha Purana. This is a collection of teachings from Ganesha Gita.

Not desiring the results of one’s activities, whether they be termed transcendent or ritualistic, the yogi is recommended to perform his duties, not by ceasing action, but from a reliance on yoga.

Devotional service alone is the cause for attaining yoga.

Peacefulness and restraining the senses are considered the causes for success in siddha-yoga.

Focusing on the objects of the senses is considered the enemy of oneself. The yogi who ignores the craving of the senses gains success.

One’s own self exists only through the self. We do not exist as separate from the self.

The person who has conquered the self, who has discriminating knowledge, intuitive knowledge and continually has control over the senses, maintains the same equanimity in friendship, or enmity, in freedom or imprisonment, in honor, disgrace, unhappiness and happiness, or with a close friend or amongst the good, in a friend and in an enemy.