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Koyikkal Sreekandan Sastha Temple – Randamkutty

Koyikkal Sreekandan Sastha temple is located at Randamkutty in Kollam district, Kerala. The temple is one among the 108 Ayyappan Kavukal in Kerala. The temple is known as Kariyakandathoor Kavu in Thottam pattu which narrates the names of 108 Ayyappa temples in Kerala.

As per history, the Koikkal Kandan Sastha temple was a Kalari Kshetram. The first pratishta in the temple was the horn of a deer (kalaman kombu) and Shankh (conch). Sastha murti was consecrated later.

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Devi, Nagam and Ganapathy.