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Rice Symbolism In Hinduism

Rice is considered a fertility symbol in Hinduism. And due to this symbolism it is used on all auspicious occasions. It is also symbol of auspiciousness and prosperity. In scriptures of Hindu religion, rice is associated with wealth, and therefore symbolically likened to Goddess Lakshmi.

Uncooked rice is believed to scare away demons, particularly those that check fertility. The practice of throwing akshata (unbroken rice) on the bridal couple arises from this belief.

Not only is rice important as food, it is also undeniably integral to Hindu religious ceremonies. It is present in most prayers, worship, pujas, and rituals, served to Hindu gods and goddesses and devotees alike. Many Hindu festivals are based on the harvest cycle of rice like Pongal, Sankranti and Onam.

The first solid food given to a baby in Hinduism is rice – simple boiled rice or rice cooked in milk.

When a child is initiated into the world of letters, the child with assistance of elderly person writes first letters on rice.