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Forgiveness Quotes - It Is Necessary But Not At The Cost Of Individuality

Quotes on Forgiveness - Teachings and thoughts on the art of forgiveness.

When we are unable to forgive, we are indirectly implying that we are perfect. But no one is perfect. We all have our faults. Accepting this universal truth helps in having better family and better relationships. When we are ready to accept that, I am not perfect; it opens the door of forgiveness. We realize that all people have their imperfections, including myself, and we are ready to forgive them.

Practicing the art of forgiving is essential because we are not going to have the perfect family, we are not going to marry the perfect person and neither are we going to have perfect children.

Therefore, to have a healthy relationship we need to have loads and loads of forgiveness stacked up.

Family members have complaints against us; so do friends and neighbors. Sometimes we disappoint people who matter to us most. Therefore, we need to be forgiven by someone or the other.

We expect forgiveness from others. In the same way, they also expect it.

Carrying hurt, remorse and bad feeling for another person only damages our health. The art of forgiveness is a free medicine, which can help in avoiding health complications arising out of hatred loading up in the heart.

If you are looking to be spiritual then pardoning is an important spiritual exercise.

For peace and happiness in the family, all family members need to practice forgiveness.

Forgiveness is an excellent detox; it cleanses the mind and keeps the heart healthy.

When we forgive and forget, we will be having a peaceful sleep. When we carry hatred, we do not get proper sleep. We cannot work properly. We are damaging ourselves. Thus, we become mentally, spiritually and physically ill.

Do not practice forgiveness for God or do not forgive thinking you will get a seat next to God in heaven. Do not pardon and then pray to God to punish the person pardoned. Do not attach pardon with religion and god. You should decide whether, you need to forgive or not.

Forgive only to forgive. Do not do it with any expectation.

Forgiveness does not mean you should live in an abusive relationship. It does not mean that you should surrender your individuality. In such situations, it is time to move out and look for better pastures.