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Bhumi Sukta In Hinduism – Importance Of Bhumi Sukta

Bhumi Sukta is a hymn of 63 mantras in the 12th section of Atharva Veda and was composed by Rishi Atharv. Please note that Bhumi Sukta and Bhu Suktam are two different prayers.  Bhu Suktam occurs in Taittiriya Samhita Of Krishna Yajur Veda and Rig Veda.

Bhumi sukta is devoted Mother Goddess Earth (Goddess Prithvi or Bhumi in Hinduism). This is the first hymn in the whole of Vedic literature that considers Earth as Mother and the worshipper as the child of Mother Earth. Bhoomi Suktam is regarded as a beautiful illustration of environmental consciousness of Hindus around 2500 years ago.

Bhumi Sukta states that the Earth is sustained by the great truth, the ever-abiding world order, efficiency, penance, knowledge and sacrifice (yagna). Mother Earth guards both the being and the becoming. The Earth, as a worthy dwelling place, has many mountains, hill and plains. She bears plants endowed with varied healing powers. There are oceans, rivers, lakes, wells, and tubes on this earth. In all the four vast regions, farmers grow food grains. The Earth sustains mankind. She protects the breathing and moving creatures. In ancient times, our ancestors performed heroic deeds on this Earth. She is gold breasted. She bears the universal fire. The Goddess defends this Earth all the time because She alone brings luck.

Bhumi Sukta describes the peculiar characteristics of the earth as gandha – fragrance. Mother Earth possesses fragrance that comes from growing plants and herbs and from water. The scent enters the lotus flower. It is in every man, woman, horse, elephant and other animals. Rocks stones and dust constitute the physical form of the Earth. The earth should not be hurt when we sit, get up, stand or walk. Water flows on this Earth for purification of our bodies. All the regions are propitious “unto us in all our movements”.

The seer of this sukta, Rishi Atharv, visualizes the significance of the sun and the seasons on the Earth. The sun cures earth’s impurities with the help of its rays. Rich treasures of gold-gems and metals are stored in this Earth.

The Earth is not for human alone, but for other creatures also. “Born of Thee, on Thee move mortal creatures; Thou sustaineth them – the biped and the quadruped. It is upon the Earth that people sing and dance, wage battles and raise war cries, and She should make men free from foes.

Bhumi Sukta recognizes the importance of the Mother Earth for all entities and hence emphasizes her protection. The seer of this hymn proclaims – “The Earth is my mother and I am her son. Prajanya (cloud) is my father; let that nourish us.”